Freya is inspired by classic Antiqua serif typefaces such as the famous „Caslon“ or „Didot“ which are almost three decades old. With great attention to detail and an unique approach, Freya is a modern interpretation of an old
classic with its very own personality.
Freya is created in a consistent gradient of styles to ensure best functionality for Headlines and Text. Through its sharpness and elegant construction the typeface set its context in the field of lifestyle and fashion. Its features are carefully balanced to create a modern and novel appearance.

Limited A3 Specimen Box is available in our shop.

A year in
a year in

A YEAR IN LETTERS A YEAR IN NUMBERS is our typographical journal and calendar for your personal journey throughout the new year.

Goodbye yesterday – have a great TWOTHOUSANDSEVENTEEN.

Yellow Tote Bag
and Flyer

Yellow tote bag for series 04: In order to say words you need to know letters. The bag comes with flyers from the collaboration with Robert Radziejewski and is available in our shop.

Mériva Specimen

Over a year of development we finally present Mériva, a grotesque family including 9 cuts, from Light Condensed to Extended, with corresponding Italics. In order to achieve the best performance, each style has been drawn individually – but each style is still related to the family.

Mériva’s construction and forms pay tribute to the early grotesques – we optimised our typeface with a lot of individual elements and characteristics for a modern interpretation.

The font is optimised for longer body text and headlines, although it works for running text. Mériva is multilingual and features an extensive set of glyphs that contains a large number of accents, punctuation, symbols and special characters.

Tote Bag
and Stickers

Black cotton tote bag with NEW LETTERS logo print and link. The bag comes with various stickers and is available in our shop.